Northfield Township was given a preview of future traffic woes by a Monday US-23 traffic incident.  I ran into this mess while on my way to Alexander's to buy fresh corn for dinner.  My usual route is to drive west on Territorial Road.

preview TerritorialRdWB1crop700w


I turned around and headed south to Joy Road, then west to Whitmore Lake Road.  The plan was to head north from there.

preview WhitmoreLkRdNB2crop700w

Oops, again!

preview WhitmoreLkRdNB1crop700w

Except for the mile or so of back-up, a beautiful tree lined curving country road.  Those trees will be gone if the road is "improved" enough to handle the post development traffic.

I turned around and headed back to Joy Road, then west another mile, then north to Territorial and eventually made it to Alexander's.  There was plenty of corn left since no one was willing to lose their place in the traffic jam.  So much for the promised business boom.

preview WhitmoreLkRdSB2crop700w

Heading south out of Alexander's, the same gruesome preview of post development bliss.