Plans for the North Sky development, proposed on the property at 2701 Pontiac Trail, one of the last empty areas inside the Ann Arbor northern beltway, were to be discussed Wednesday night by the Ann Arbor Planning Commission.    According Matt Durr of the Ann Arbor News, the Planning Commission staff is recommending approval of the both the rezoning request and site plans that would bring nearly 200 more housing units to Ann Arbor's north side.

The 31.8-acre site would be rezoned from R4A (Multiple-Family Dwelling District) to R1D and R1E (Single-Family Dwelling District) and R4B (Multiple Family Dwelling District).   11 Acres (35 percent) would be preserved as open space. According to the site plan, two of the 11 acres would be conveyed to the city for use as a natural area and a future "linear park."  The balance, 9 acres, would be maintained by a Homeowner's Association.

More about the planned development, lot sizes, home sizes, etc, are in Matt Durr's MLive story.