Master Plan “Open House” vote tally of the poster boards.

By David Gordon   11/2/18

There were a total of 720 “dots” placed on the seven poster boards.  ***


The voting clearly shows that residents approve of the vision currently outlined in the Master Plan.

Based on the voting, residents prefer preservation/parks over growth/development by a substantial margin. This is no surprise.

Fixing up downtown is important and some residential growth is wanted. Development at the Six Mile and North Territorial highway interchanges is a low priority.



245 total votes   = 34%

There were 8 choices and these three got the most support:

  • “Maintain the rural character” and “preserve open space”: 125 votes
  • “Guide residential development…to enhance (the township)…”: 70 votes
  • “Preserve and strengthen…the character of downtown…”: 23 votes



152 votes = 21%

There were 6 choices for “Preferred Land Use”:

The leading two were:

  • “Farming…scenic road corridors…orchards…silos…scenic views”: 108 votes
  • “Low-density clustered with 50% preserved & 5-acre homes”: 43 vote



114 votes = 16%

There were 12 choices on this board asking for land use preferences.

Even in this category, preservation topped residential growth.

  • Farming and “parks, open space and conservation”:       61 votes
  • Residential development: 50 votes (breakdown of this vote below)
    • Single family homes: 36 votes
    • “Innovative”….”including senior housing”: 10 votes
    • Duplex and apartments: 4 votes



59 votes = 8%

There were 6 categories available on this board with the voting about

evenly split:

  • Residential - Single family clustered; subdivisions; 2-family”:       28 votes
  • “Parks, open space and conservation areas”: 23 votes
  • Restaurants: 8 votes



34 votes = 5%

Five categories were available for dots on this board: here’s the breakdown:

  • “Office research and retail…”: 24 votes
  • “…limited industrial…”: 8 votes
  • Other – 9 votes.
  • “…high density residential…”: 1 vote


115 votes = 16%

In brief, residents seemed to prefer “park-like” and “natural” landscapes.

*** Only the top vote-getting categories on each poster board were counted so they won’t add up to the total number of votes for each board.


Below are two sets of photographs of the Open House posters. One set was taken by David Gordon about 20 minutes before the open house closed. These are clearly captioned as his photographs.  The other photographs were taken by Jim Nelson after the session had closed and there was room to move around.  

This first poster has been straightened in photoshop.  I'll make time to straighten and de-skew the rest of the poster photographs.  Check back a few days from now, 10/30.


Big Idea Postits unskewed DJG 900w.jpg

 Big Idea Poster: iPhone photo by David GordonPostProc by JGN

Here is our Planner's Big Idea Poster, photographed in pieces after the very informal close of the open house. It is stitched together from twenty close-ups. Beneath this is a link to an immense, 50MB+, png file of the same composite image. It is about 8500 pixels wide by 9500 pixels high. The long green postit letter visible in this post open house photo that's missing from the earlier photo taken by Gordon - is in one of the detail photos below. Scroll down to find it.

Big Idea Panorama automatic 1 1000w1166h

 HUGE FILE HUGE  click here for the high quality but immense version of the Big Idea bulletin board.   HUGE FILE HUGE

Below these 20 photos you will find photos and closeups of the other public comment posters.


Goals 2 900w

 Goals photo 2, 10/17/2018 8:52PM, PostProcessing by JGN


Goals 3 900w

 Goals photo 3, iPhone photo by David Gordon



Preferred Future Land Use Agricultural Preservation Areas photo 1



Preferred Future Land Use Agricultural Preservation Areas photo 2



Preferred Future Land Use Medium Density Residential (MDR) and Highway Commercial photo 1



Preferred Future Land Use Medium Density Residential (MDR) and Highway Commercial photo 2


Goals 3 900w

 Preferred Future Land Use Medium Density Residential (MDR) and Highway Commercial photo 3, iPhone photo by David Gordon, PostProc by JGN



Preferred Future Land Use: N Territorial Interchange, photo 1


Goals 3 900w

 Preferred Future Land Use: N Territorial Interchange, photo 2, iPhone photo by David Gordon



Preferred Future Land Use Residential Areas photo 1



Preferred Future Land Use Residential Areas photo 2



 Preferred Future Land Use Residential Areas photo 3, iPhone photo by David Gordon



Visual Preference green infrastructure


Visual Preference green infrastructure

 Visual Preference green infrastructure, iPhone photo by David Gordon



Visual Preference landscaping


Visual Preference landscaping

 Visual Preference landscaping, iPhone photo by David Gordon


Below are my twenty phone photos of the postits plastered on the Big Idea poster.  The quality varies.  When I figure out a way to zone and split the above, you will be able to zoom in on individual pages of postits.  Until that time, this is it.

 BigIdea 302 landscape 900w

 BigIdea photo 302


 BigIdea 305 landscape 900w

 BigIdea photo 305


 BigIdea 307 landscape 900w

 BigIdea photo 307


 BigIdea 309 landscape 900w

 BigIdea photo 309


 BigIdea 314 landscape 900w

 BigIdea photo 314


 BigIdea 318 landscape 900w

 BigIdea photo 318


 BigIdea 322 landscape 900w

 BigIdea photo 322


 BigIdea 325 landscape 900w

 BigIdea photo 325


 BigIdea 327 landscape 900w

 BigIdea photo 327


 BigIdea 329 landscape 900w

 BigIdea photo 329


 BigIdea 331 landscape 900w

 BigIdea photo 331


 BigIdea 334 landscape 900w

 BigIdea photo 334


 BigIdea 336 landscape 900w

 BigIdea photo 336


 BigIdea 340 landscape 900w

 BigIdea photo 340


 BigIdea 342 landscape 900w

 BigIdea photo 342


 BigIdea 345 landscape 900w

 BigIdea photo 345


 BigIdea 348 landscape 900w

 BigIdea photo 348


 BigIdea 350 landscape 900w

 BigIdea photo 350


 BigIdea 354 landscape 900w

 BigIdea photo 354


 BigIdea 358 landscape 900w

 BigIdea photo 358


 Big Idea Bulletin Board DJG 900w.jpg

 Goals Closeup of green postits, iPhone photo by David Gordon