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TweetOfProteinScaffolds JueWang 2021 11 12 pt2 annotated


2021/11/12   Deep learning methods for designing proteins scaffolding functional sites, by Jue Wang, Sidney Lisanza, David Juergens, Doug Tischer, Ivan Anishchenko, Minkyung Baek, Joseph L Watson, Jung-Ho Chun, Lukas F. Milles, Justas Dauparas, Marc Expòsit, Wei Yang, Amijai Saragovi, Sergey Ovchinnikov, David Baker. bioRxiv

Abstract:  Current approaches to de novo design of proteins harboring a desired binding or catalytic motif require pre-specification of an overall fold or secondary structure composition, and hence considerable trial and error can be required to identify protein structures capable of scaffolding an arbitrary functional site. Here we describe two complementary approaches to the general functional site design problem that employ the RosettaFold and AlphaFold neural networks which map input sequences to predicted structures. ... We show that the two approaches have considerable synergy, and AlphaFold2 structure prediction calculations suggest that the approaches can accurately generate proteins containing a very wide array of functional sites.


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The above paper's predecessor:  2020/11/29   Design of proteins presenting discontinuous functional sites using deep learning, by Doug Tischer, Sidney Lisanza, Jue Wang, Runze Dong, Ivan Anishchenko, Lukas F. Milles, Sergey Ovchinnikov,  and David Baker. bioRxiv

Abstract:  An outstanding challenge in protein design is the design of binders against therapeutically relevant target proteins via scaffolding the discontinuous binding interfaces present in their often large and complex binding partners. There is currently no method for sampling through the almost unlimited number of possible protein structures for those capable of scaffolding a specified discontinuous functional site; instead, current approaches make the sampling problem tractable by restricting search to structures composed of pre-defined secondary structural elements. Such restriction of search has the disadvantage that considerable trial and error can be required to identify architectures capable of scaffolding an arbitrary discontinuous functional site, and only a tiny fraction of possible architectures can be explored. Here we build on recent advances in de novo protein design by deep network hallucination to develop a solution to this problem which eliminates the need to pre-specify the structure of the scaffolding in any way. We use the trRosetta residual neural network, which maps input sequences to predicted inter-residue distances and orientations, to compute a loss function which simultaneously rewards recapitulation of a desired structural motif and the ideality of the surrounding scaffold, and generate diverse structures harboring the desired binding interface by optimizing this loss function by gradient descent. We illustrate the power and versatility of the method by scaffolding binding sites from proteins involved in key signaling pathways with a wide range of secondary structure compositions and geometries. The method should be broadly useful for designing small stable proteins containing complex functional sites.


(2021/7/22)   Deep Mind AlphaFold Predicts the Shapes and 3-D structure of 350,000 proteins, including every one made by humans, by Cade Metz, The New York Times

On Thursday, DeepMind released the predicted shapes of more than 350,000 proteins — the microscopic mechanisms that drive the behavior of bacteria, viruses, the human body and all other living things. This new database includes the three-dimensional structures for all proteins expressed by the human genome, as well as those for proteins that appear in 20 other organisms, including the mouse, the fruit fly and the E. coli bacterium.


“I thought it would take another 10 years,” said Randy Read, a professor at the University of Cambridge. “This was a complete change.”


This new knowledge is its own sort of key: If scientists can determine the shape of a protein, they can determine how other molecules will bind to it. This might reveal, say, how bacteria resist antibiotics — and how to counter that resistance. Bacteria resist antibiotics by expressing certain proteins; if scientists were able to identify the shapes of these proteins, they could develop new antibiotics or new medicines that suppress them.


The system’s accuracy does vary, so some of the predictions in DeepMind’s database will be less useful than others. Each prediction in the database comes with a “confidence score” indicating how accurate it is likely to be. DeepMind researchers estimate that the system provides a “good” prediction about 95 percent of the time.

2021/10/13   Artificial insect-inspired ‘brain’ can guide robotic dog through maze, by Edd Gent, NewScientist

The control system, built by UK start-up company Opteran Technologies, mimics how honeybees and other insects navigate. It can be connected to various robots and drones.  The package weighs only 30 grams and draws less than 3 watts of electricity.

2021/05/26   Panorama - Are You Scared Yet, Human?  BBC [You'll need a VPN to access. DRM restricts this video to U.K. play]

From Amazon’s Alexa to improvements in cancer care, artificial intelligence is changing our world. But today leading tech figures from Silicon Valley worry about the future that’s being created. Brad Smith, president of Microsoft, believes George Orwell's 1984 could become reality by 2024. Panorama has uncovered new evidence of AI being used by police in China to recognise the emotions of detainees in order to help determine guilt or innocence. China has vowed to become the world's AI superpower by 2030, sparking a new arms race with America. Both countries are pouring billions into cutting-edge military tech, including autonomous weapons. AI could usher in a golden age, but without urgent regulation, experts warn we could lose control of artificial intelligence, a prospect, they say, that should scare us all.

2021/10/06   A census of cell types in the brain’s motor cortex, by Johan Winnubst & Silvia Arber, Nature

2020/02/24   A decade of questions about the fluidity of cell identity, by Giacomo Masserdotti & Magdalena Götz, Nature

A method for directly converting connective-tissue cells into neurons opened up a new branch of research into cell-based therapies and called into question long-held beliefs about how development affects a cell’s identity.

2010/02/24   Cell reprogramming gets direct, by Cory R. Nicholas & Arnold R. Kriegstein, Nature

In a feat of biological wizardry, one type of differentiated cell has been directly converted into another, completely distinct type. Notably, the approach does not require a stem-cell intermediate stage.

2010/01/27   Direct conversion of fibroblasts to functional neurons by defined factors,  by Thomas Vierbuchen, Austin Ostermeier, Zhiping P. Pang, Yuko Kokubu, Thomas C. Südhof & Marius Wernig, Nature

Cellular differentiation and lineage commitment are considered to be robust and irreversible processes during development. Recent work has shown that mouse and human fibroblasts can be reprogrammed to a pluripotent state with a combination of four transcription factors. This raised the question of whether transcription factors could directly induce other defined somatic cell fates, and not only an undifferentiated state. We hypothesized that combinatorial expression of neural-lineage-specific transcription factors could directly convert fibroblasts into neurons.

2019/08/21   A recipe book for cell types in the human brain, by Matthew G. Keefe & Tomasz J. Nowakowski, Natureee

Whether cell types in the brain have been conserved during evolution is not clear. A comparison of the molecular recipes that define brain cell types in humans and mice reveals similarities and differences between species.

2019/08/21   Conserved cell types with divergent features in human versus mouse cortex, by Rebecca D. Hodge, Trygve E. Bakken, […]Ed S. Lein, Nature

2018/10/31   Single-cell sequencing paints diverse pictures of the brain, by Aparna Bhaduri & Tomasz J. Nowakowski, Nature

A single-cell sequencing study reveals how different types of neuron are distributed in the brain. An analysis then demonstrates how these data can improve our understanding of neuronal functions.



1/16/2020   Why did Lee Sedol, one of the world’s best ‘Go’ players, retire from the game? TRT

One of the greatest ‘Go’ players of all time just retired from the game, saying that artificial intelligence programs can play at a level humans aren’t able to. His decision has reignited discussions about AI and how we define human achievement.





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ChimeraX @UCSFChimeraX
2021-09-09   The ChimeraX command to show these large AlphaFold models is here if you want to make them yourself.
















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Easy method for playing recorded videos into the Blackmagic ATEM Mini (Pro) by using OBS Studio (v26).

Use it to bring images, videos, and more into your ATEM switcher for your live streams.

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I show you how to find and edit the streaming XML file to add streaming location + how to use services

like ReStream, Castr, Grabyo + more to distribute your live broadcast to multiple social networks at

once, all at the same time.

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Alex Lindsay,   Focus on NDI for Zoom (2021-07-01)

NDI Bandwidth Considerations, StreamGeeks (2021-07-14)

The Unofficial Guide to NDI




Using SuperSource on the ATEM Mini Extreme // Show and Tell Ep.80, Here to Record (2021-03-18)

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Acacia LIZ Roadster Headworn Microphone for Shure Wireless - Tan 

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April, 2021   Elections Have Consequences, Council's activist majority wants to change the face of the city-and they're moving fast to do it, by James Leonard, The Ann Arbor Observer

This spring and summer, they plan to advance resolutions to develop affordable housing on city-owned property downtown, including the former YMCA site and parking lots at Ashley and Willam and Fourth and Catherine, using last year's affordable housing millage to help pay for it. They want to make it much easier for homeowners to build "accessory dwelling units." And they're looking to advance a "transit oriented zoning ordinance" that would allow more intense development along major bus corridors, including Plymouth, Washtenaw, W. Stadium-Maple, and the State and Eisenhower area. If all are adopted, the changes could add thousands of housing units to the city over the next few years.

February, 2021   HouseN2Home, Volunteers are turning affordable apartments into comfortable homes, by Anita LeBlanc, Ann Arbor Observer

HouseN2Home originated in 2017, when Logue received a text from a single mother who had secured affordable but unfurnished housing. Logue pulled together a group of friends who dug into reserves from their own homes and purchased items from thrift stores to outfit the house. They found the experience so rewarding they began doing the same for other formerly homeless people.

7/12/2020   Disruption in Ann Arbor: It’s a Promise. (2) by Vivienne Armentrout, Local in Ann Arbor

Growth and real estate development are the source of wealth. And it is likely that current residents are not considered to have much of a place in this scenario.

1/6/2020   Ann Arbor’s small-town look fading as downtown reaches toward sky, by Ryan Stanton, MLive

The Downtown Development Authority in 2013 estimated 4,849 residents were living within its boundaries, up 56% since 2000.


As of July 2018, that number was up to 7,670, representing about 6% of the city’s population.


Since then, roughly 1,500 more beds have been added in the downtown area, and new high-rises report being 99-100% occupied.   With several more high-rises in the works, downtown appears to be on its way to surpassing the 10,000-resident mark.

1/6/2020   Timeline: Ann Arbor’s downtown housing boom and what’s to come, by Ryan Stanton, MLive

12/4/2019   Ann Arbor OKs tallest high-rise in over 50 years, by Ryan Stanton, MLive

The zoning premiums that enabled the developer to build taller than the normal 180 foot height cap required including 72 affordable housing units for people earning 60% or less of the area median income..


Ann Arbor stood firm and got 6.

11/13/2019   Remembering how Ann Arbor saved the Michigan Theater 40 years ago, by Ryan Stanton, MLive

- About 200 photographs and links to stories tracing Michigan Theater history back to its 1927 founding.

11/5/2019   Council OKs affordable housing incentives for Ann Arbor developers, by Darcie Moran, MLive

Under the newly approved three-tiered system, developers will get a 150% bonus in allowed floor area ratio in the D1 core downtown district and a 100% bonus in the D2 district if they make 15% of residential floor area affordable housing.  On the next level, developers with 20% affordable housing will get a 300% bonus in D1 and 200% in D2.  Developers with 30% affordable housing can get a 500% floor area bonus and a 15% height increase in D1. There is no such option in D2.  The current rules allow an additional 0.75 square foot for each square foot used for multi-family dwellings and an extra 3,000 square feet for each affordable housing unit.  Developers must maintain the affordable rates for 99 years and they can pay fees to cut their affordable housing requirements in half.


City Planning Manager Brett Lenart noted there are no provisions to limit micro-apartments or so-called “poor doors” for those paying less rent.

9/19/2019   Latest look at new high-rises proposed in downtown Ann Arbor, by Ryan Stanton, MLive


AffordableMonthlyHousingCoststBasedOn30pctOfIncome20190514 948x507

This table - from a May 14, 2019 Ann Arbor city council work session - shows the target housing

budget by income level, based on the Ann Arbor metropolitan area's median income.


9/19/2019   How should Ann Arbor fix its affordable housing shortage? by Lauren Slagter, MLive

Housing that costs more than 30 percent of a household's income is considered unaffordable, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. 


In 2012, housing was a cost burden for 29 percent of Washtenaw County homeowners, and renters are more likely to have unaffordable housing costs, according to Washtenaw County's 2015 housing affordability and economic equity report.

8/30/2019   9-story hotel proposed on Firestone site in downtown Ann Arbor, by Ryan Stanton, MLive

7/8/2019   High-rise developer buys property from Michigan Theater for $3M, by Ryan Stanton, MLive

The property includes an old car dealership building that in recent years has housed a camera shop and tattoo parlor, as well as bathrooms and office/storage space for the theater.


This same area in Ann Arbor News photos from the 40s and 50s.

5/20/2019   50 years later, 26-story Tower Plaza still Ann Arbor's tallest building, by Ryan Stanton, MLive

Tower Plaza wins the award for most buttons of any elevator in Ann Arbor.


Continue reading for an overview of Tower Plaza’s complete history, a look at historical photos showing its construction in the 1960s, and more, including current photos showing what it looks like today both inside and out, as well as a discussion of how the building has changed and what’s coming next.  See links to photographs and Ann Arbor News stories and contemporary editorials.

4/3/2019   3,137 new affordable housing units needed in Ann Arbor area by 2035, report shows, by Ryan Stanton, MLive

Ypsilanti cannot remain the de facto affordable housing policy for Ann Arbor, according to a new report telling a tale of two cities.


Economic inequality and segregation between Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti is bad for Washtenaw County, and local leaders must make tough policy decisions to reverse the current trend and expand the supply of affordable housing in the Ann Arbor area, according to a 55-page affordable housing needs assessment report.


"For Washtenaw County, this means persistent (if not worsening) gaps in the conditions that lead to income disparity and lost economic output," the report states, adding: "To be in the 90th percentile (income) in Washtenaw County is to be white, and to be in the 10th percentile is to not be white."


Any concentration of households in the 90th percentile in one location is a de facto guarantee of a concentration of households in the 10th percentile in another, the report states, adding: "If the former results in demand for housing that so outpaces supply that values rise at a greater rate than do the incomes for anyone below the 90th percentile, housing becomes decreasingly affordable for all but those at the top."

czbLLC Charts Unaffordable Rent Owning 2015report 1132w1842h

1/29/2019   Block-long redevelopment planned on Ann Arbor's Main Street, by Ryan Stanton, MLive

Documents submitted to the city show plans for a block-long redevelopment with 235 apartments and 11,315 square feet of retail space along the east side of Main Street, starting at William Street and going all the way down to Packard Street.

12/26/2018   19-story high-rise proposed behind Ann Arbor's Michigan Theater, by Ryan Stanton, MLive

In addition to the 19-story high-rise, the development team also is proposing an adjacent six-story building behind Sava’s Restaurant that would include 20 workforce-housing “micro units” accessible via a walkway off Washington Street.  Between both buildings, the 241 apartments and 20 " micro units" provide about 500 total beds. 


For those apartments, pods, and 500+ beds, 121 parking places are provided.

12/12/2018   See latest plans for block-long redevelopment on Ann Arbor's Main Street, by Ryan Stanton, MLive

11/8/2017   House that can be built in a day is 30 times more affordable than a Beijing apartment, by Maria Dermentzi, Mashable Genius Moments

"People's Architecture Office" (PAO) was commissioned by a young Chinese newlywed, Mrs. Fan, to renovate her family home in a historic Hutong neighborhood of Beijing. This was not a common renovation, but rather a complete re-invention of the traditional courtyard house where Fan used to live.


Built using PAO's proprietary panels that come with integrated wiring, this plugin house can be assembled within a day even by regular people following an Ikea-like process to plug all the panels together. The only tool that is needed is an Allen wrench. According to PAO, this house is 30 times less expensive than buying an apartment in Beijing.



5/23/2017   Is a state-level solution needed for affordable housing in Ann Arbor? by Ryan Stanton, MLive

In hopes of addressing economic inequality and segregation between Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, local officials two years ago set goals of adding 3,137 affordable rental units in Ann Arbor and Pittsfield Township over the next 20 years, while growing demand for market-rate housing in the Ypsilanti area by 4,187 units. So far, progress on meeting those goals has been slow.


Rep. Yousef Rabhi, D-Ann Arbor, agreed socioeconomic segregation is a major problem in Washtenaw County.  He said there's not enough affordable housing in Ann Arbor and the city is being gentrified, pushing out lower-income people. He said the current state of affairs is unacceptable and needs to change.

 December, 2005   Our Town versus Big City, by Vivienne Armentrout, The Ann Arbor Observer

Hall is particularly keen to eliminate the need for rezoning, a time-consuming and uncertain process, especially for planned unit developments (PUDs), in which the city and developer negotiate what amounts to a unique zoning ordinance for the site. Planning manager Mark Lloyd says many developers decide to seek PUDs for flexibility. But Hall says that PUDs also extend the time it takes to  review a project, and force developers to make concessions. Rick Hills, a U-M law professor who presented a lecture on zoning as part of the public discussion on the downtown, says that the  recent trend in zoning practice is toward transparency, where a set of rules is plainly set forth and developers who follow those rules can develop by right—without negotiation. Hall says she is a big fan of this transparency. But Hills also cautions that the type of zoning that involves negotiation—like PUDs—is the only way cities can get concessions they want. Making zoning by right deprives cities of a potent tool. This has certainly been the case for Ann Arbor, where the city has extracted substantial contributions for affordable housing from developers in the PUD process under the “public benefit” clause



1/1/2021   Utility Fees vs the Bolt Decision, by Vivienne Armentrout, Local in Ann Arbor

 6/27/2018   Ann Arbor Water and Sewer Cost of Service Study Final Report, Stantec

Presentation to City Council can be found is available here.  Or you can view the full presentation on YouTube.


Ann Arbor Public Serivces Administration

Ann Arbor Public Services Administration:  Cost of Service Study for Water and Wastewater


The result, as the Stantec study notes, was that costs were transferred from multifamily residential users to single-family users.

8/15/2017   Income Taxes and the Local Government Quandary, by Vivienne Armentrout, Local in Ann Arbor


2/10/2011   Ann Arbor’s Budget: The Case for a City Income Tax II, by Vivienne Armentrout, Local in Ann Arbor

1/9/2011   Ann Arbor’s Budget: The Case for a City Income Tax, by Vivienne Armentrout, Local in Ann Arbor

I still remember the unwelcome position in which I found myself on the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners when the first state budget cuts started coming down and we were helpless to save many worthwhile programs.  I personally voted to lay off at least 200 staff in one year.  Trust me, if you run for office, choose a growth period to do it in.

1/5/2011   Ann Arbor DDA: Tiffs and TIF, by Vivienne Armentrout, Local in Ann Arbor  (The Ann Arbor Chronicle links no longer function.)






Radio Garden



Welcome to Radio Garden, free from the internet’s sin, by James Vincent, 7/27/2017, The Verge

How browsing radio stations from around the world can lift the burden of being online

NPR:  Radio Garden Lets You Tune Into 8,000 Stations From Around The World, by Deepak Singh, 12/16/2016

This week I stumbled upon a new website on the Internet called Radio Garden.


To find out more about Radio Garden, I contacted Jonathan Puckey, who is based in Netherlands and is one of the people behind this project.


"The main idea is to help radio makers and listeners connect with distant cultures and re-connect with people from home and thousands of miles away," he told me. So far, some 8,000 stations have signed on.

Letter of Recommendation: Radio Garden, by Rosa Lyster, New York Times Magazine, 11/5/2019

On Tuesday, Oct. 1, at 11:25 a.m. local time, a radio station in Torshavn in the Faroe Islands played a song called “Rave in the Grave,” by the Swedish D.J. AronChupa and Little Sis Nora. “Rave in the Grave” defies description in many ways, but if I were pushed into a corner, I would say that it had an “electro burlesque” feel and reminded me that Tim Burton has a lot to answer for. If I were further pushed, I would say that I am sorry to have heard it, because it will be with me always now, but that I liked the idea of someone in the Faroe Islands — this sparsely populated Danish archipelago in the middle of the North Atlantic where they have developed a specialized term for the problem of falling off a cliff, so often does it happen because of the sudden onset of fog — jerking back from the radio in bewildered disgust at the same moment that I did in my kitchen in Cape Town. 

Want to tune in to the world’s radio stations? Grow your listening with Radio.Garden, by Will Coldwell, The Guardian, 12/16/2016

The Map That Lets You Listen to the Radio Everywhere, by Adrienne LaFrance, The Atlantic, 12/12/2016

Radio Garden is a meditation on connectedness and what broadcast technology does to local culture.


The project, created for the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision by the interactive design firms Studio Puckey and Moniker, was built using an open-source WebGL globe that draws from thousands of radio stations—terrestrial and online-only streams—overlaid with Bing satellite imagery.

_Radio Garden, _docubase, MIT Docubase, 2016

Jonathan Puckey's Radio Garden Knows No Borders, Weekend Edition, NPR, 12/18/2016

Radio Garden Liv‪e‬, The App Store, Apple  (Listen to worldwide live radio, Radio Garden B.V.)



Brian Eno's recommendations:  





RadioGardenBatteryPark 801w525h



 RadioGardenKleveGermany 719w1043h

 RadioGardenValencia 801w563h


RadioGardenKabul 799w600h


RadioGardenAzores 799w544h




RadioGardenMadagascar 800w1144h


RadioGardenHavana 798w457h



RadioGardenSwitzerland 801w407h



RadioGardenNorway 720w960h



RadioGardenGuantanamo 800w789h


RadioGardenWhitesburgKY 801w850h


 RadioGardenMongolia 801w520h



RadioGarden AranjuezSpain 800w418h







                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                9/10/2021   Ripoff real estate results in blighted neighborhoods, by Louis Rossman

9/6/2021   New York Times FINALLY discusses the death of downtown NYC; but won't explain WHY, by Louis Rossman

8/20/2021   Madison Ave is 39% empty; Manhattan landlords, can you lower the prices now? by Louis Rossman 


7/9/2021   1st ave walkthrough: East Village, NYC is becoming a dead mall, by Louis Rossman


7/7/2021   Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities are destroying NYC, by Louis Rossman


7/4/2021   NYC: A documentary of urban decay, by Louis Rossman


6/25/2021    64-year-old Michigan mall to be demolished, replaced with e-commerce warehousing, by Justine Lofton, MLive

Eastland Center in Harper Woods, one of the oldest malls in the Detroit area will soon be gone because “the majority” shops online at places like Amazon, a local official said.  Warehouse and industrial space aimed at supporting e-commerce will replace it.


“The majority of you all shop at Amazon,” Mayor Valerie Kindle said at a news conference. “That’s one of the reasons that the demise of malls has happened.”

 5/13/2021   Amazon Unbound, Jeff Bezos and the Invention of a Global Empire, Brad Stone's Bio reviewed by Ben Smith, The New York Times

At Amazon, nearly every big decision comes down to a meeting with Bezos, at which his deputies hold their breaths, genuinely uncertain of whether he will berate them and tear up their proposals, or double their planned budgets. Some of his fixations, like his determination to create a smart speaker, are visionary. Others are quirky: After reading that a single hamburger can contain meat from a hundred different cows, he decided that Amazon’s fledgling grocery business would distinguish itself by offering a “single-cow burger.” Once his aides got past thinking their boss was joking, they set to work. A few months later, the product manager got another email from Bezos: He was having trouble opening the packaging, and the burger had dripped too much fat onto his grill.


4/18/2021   NYC is Not Dead: Welcome to Alphabet City,, by Tomas Delgado

3/26/2021   AOC and Elizabeth Warren skillfully tear Amazon apart for its terrible tweets, by Rachel Kraus

RE the whole pee bottle thing, Amazon got ratioed real hard by people tweeting responses with images, documents, and news reports of — what else — pee  bottles. Some Amazon factory workers and delivery drivers say they have to resort to peeing in bottles because Amazon's productivity requirements don't give them enough time to go to the bathroom.

Retail Electronics Icon Slams Doors Shut 

2/23/2021   Fry’s Electronics permanently closing all stores nationwide, KRON4 San Francisco

The company has changed its website so that it now just shows a goodbye message.


The message says in part,


“After nearly 36 years in business as the one-stop-shop and online resource for high-tech professionals across nine states and 31 stores, Fry’s Electronics, Inc. (“Fry’s” or “Company”), has made the difficult decision to shut down its operations and close its business permanently as a result of changes in the retail industry and the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. The Company will implement the shut down through an orderly wind down process that it believes will be in the best interests of the Company, its creditors, and other stakeholders.


The Company ceased regular operations and began the wind-down process on February 24, 2021. It is hoped that undertaking the wind-down through this orderly process will reduce costs, avoid additional liabilities, minimize the impact on our customers, vendors, landlords and associates, and maximize the value of the Company’s assets for its creditors and other stakeholders.”



2/23/2021   Fry’s Electronics is shutting its doors for good, by Sean Hollister, The Verge

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the family-owned business had been pushed to the brink of extinction by online retailers like Amazon, Newegg and more. Initially, the company started a campaign to price-match any item you could find online. It added a children’s toy aisle, huge racks of As Seen on TV gadgets, even perfume. But things got worse. By 2019, what used to be a paradise of gadgets, computers, components, video games, audio equipment and appliances had turned into ghost warehouses filled with empty shelves.

2/23/2021   Report: Fry’s Electronics going out of business, shutting down all stores, by SAM MACHKOVECH, Ars Technica

Founded in Sunnyvale in 1985, the former king of build-your-own-PC retailers couldn't survive COVID, consignment shift.

For years, Fry's Electronics was the United States' largest physical retailer dedicated to just about every computing and electronic device you could think of, particularly individual computer components. As the chain expanded to more stores throughout the US, particularly in taking over multiple defunct Incredible Universe locations, Fry's rode the build-your-own boom of personal computing. If you built your own PC in the past two decades and lived within driving distance of a Fry's, that store was likely where you began looking for motherboards, optical disc drives, RAM of all speeds and slots, and spindles of no less than 200 CD-Rs.

1/24/2020   Rumors about Fry's Electronics sent us on a wild journey to find the truth, Bitwit, YouTube 


9/10/2019   Frys Electronics, Fremont | Retail Mix USA, YouTube

[I visited this location at about the time this video was shot.  Dismal? Yes.] 


9/9/2019   Fry’s Electronics- Sunnyvale CA, Retail Mix USA, YouTube

The year was 1985. Frys was founded here, in the very hearth of Silicone Valley, Sunnyvale, California, by Kathy Kolder and John, Randy, and Dave Fry.


8/16/2019   Fry's Electronics: Will They Be Gone Soon? (NOW PERMANENTLY CLOSED) | Retail Archaeology, YouTube


8/8/2019   IS FRYS ELECTRONCS CLOSING FOR GOOD?  | Videobob Moseley, YouTube


1/12/2019   Fry's Electronics & Incredible Universe: What Happened? (OUT OF BUSINESS) | Retail Archaeology, YouTube




2/3/2021   Jeff Bezos Swallowed Our Economy Whole, by Steve LeVine, Marker

Perhaps no one except Bezos himself could see what could be next after books — dominance in surveillance technologies like Alexa and Ring, cloud computing, every kind of retail, groceries, health, entertainment, and more.


That was all before Covid-19. Since then, Amazon has grown from a mere behemoth onto a new level requiring an entirely different vocabulary. With much of the country still in lockup, Amazon packages end up on the front porch of an unnerving percentage of American homes several times a week. In earnings reported at the same time as Bezos’ shift to executive chairman, Amazon announced a 40% year-on-year surge in fourth-quarter sales, to $125 billion, the first time quarterly company revenue has surpassed $100 billion. Amazon expects the current quarter to exceed $100 billion, too. That is the scale of ExxonMobil of yore. And ExxonMobil used to operate as a virtual country to itself.


TweetReAmazon Strongarming 2020 12 23



12/23/2020   'Amazon’s Problem: It’s a Giant Acting Like a Startup.' How Amazon Wins: By Steamrolling Rivals and Partners, by Dana Mattioli, Wall Street Journal

CEO Jeff Bezos still runs the e-commerce giant with the drive of a startup trying to survive, and that strand of its corporate DNA is becoming a liability


Several Amazon sellers said they have received notifications from Amazon, which has been battling fraud and fake goods on its platform, that say their products are used or counterfeit. Amazon suspends their selling accounts until they can prove that the products are legitimate, which can cause big sellers to lose tens of thousands of dollars each day, they said.


To turn their accounts back on, Amazon often requests that the sellers provide details on who manufactures their product along with invoices from the manufacturer so that Amazon can verify authenticity. Several sellers told the Journal they provided those details to Amazon to get their accounts reinstated, only for Amazon to introduce its own version of their products using the same manufacturer.


12/23/2020   Whitmer may veto lame duck bills giving major tax breaks to Meijer, by Paul Egan, Detroit Free Press

12/23/2020   Loves Furniture to close 9 more Michigan stores, by JC Reindl, Detroit Free Press

The Loves Furniture brand and company arose out of a May deal in U.S. Bankruptcy Court that sold 17 former Art Van stores in Michigan to Texas-based US Assets Inc. plus 10 other Art Van and Levin and Wolf locations in other states. US Assets' founder and CEO is named Jeff Love.

12/9/2020   Amazon to build facility at former Huron Township horse track, by Junfu Han, Detroit Free Press

8/6/2020   The Inside Story of MacKenzie Scott, the Mysterious 60-Billion-Dollar Woman, by Stephanie Clifford, Marker/Medium

An Amazon backstory

7/21/2018   Attack of the clones: how Aldi gets away with mimicking big brands, by Michaela Whitbourn