PUDs and Density Bonuses Examined at March 4, 2015 PC

In March, 2015, Carlisle-Wortman Consultant Doug Lewan was our Township Planner. 

At this meeting Lewan delivered a quick survey of the available options for developing an 80 acre parcel of land, constrained by Northfield Township zoning and land use regulations. 

Below are the screencapped illustrations and my transcription of his brief lecture.

Five years have passed.  I do not know if these options remain valid options.

80 Acres TitleDensityComparisonsZoning 

[Beginning of Transcription]

Doug Lewan: "At one of the last meetings we talked about making sure the planning commissioners understood about, and this goes along with our previous discussions, about densities and things like that.  So at our last meeting, or a few meetings ago, I brought up the point that, perhaps, the planning commissioners can't visualize, necessarily what's permitted in our zoning ordinance and how our open space provisions work and how various projects might occur on property.  And I'll hit this stuff here.  I was going to hand this out.  I was going to email this to everyone before hand so if you don't have it, I've got copies.

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