This is a brief list of news articles and information about legal marijuana as a business and legal right.  I found these while googling around to learn about issues at the periphery of Northfield Township's confused response to the Michigan Citizen mandate making the use and possession of marijuana legal.

Last update: 2-14-2019 Michigan Marijuana Laws USDA Listens to Public Comments on Hemp Regulations, 3-14-2019

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) held a webinar on Wednesday during which stakeholders offered suggestions for hemp regulations, which was recently legalized through the 2018 Farm Bill. 

The Colorado Sun: Cannabis lobby gains new clout in Colorado as its spending tripled in the past five years, Sandra Fish, 3-13-2019

Michigan Municipal League:  Fact Sheet – Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act (MMFLA) compared with Proposal 1—the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act (MRTMA)

Michigan Municipal League:  White Paper: Recreational Marijuana Proposition

Michigan Legislature, Act 281 of 2016,  MEDICAL MARIHUANA FACILITIES LICENSING ACT


Wikipedia:  Cannabis in Michigan

State of Michigan: ADULT-USE MARIJUANA


Read This First:

MLive: An ounce of wisdom from Oregon as Michigan considers legalizing marijuana, Amy Biolchini, 10-22-2018

This report is a stunning perspective on the liberation of Legalized Marijuana in Oregon.

Dozens of Tanya Moutzalias' photographs illustrate the depth and diversity of the islands of prosperity that have risen in the wake of Oregon legalization.  What's hard to overlook is the contrast to Michigan's broken asphalt and political entropy.

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Free Press: Sign up for Joint Venture, a free press newsletter about recreational marijuana. FDA: Public Meeting About CBD Is Still On, Julia Barajas, 3-8-2019

Free Press: After 4 months, medical marijuana sales in Michigan exceed $42 million, Kathleen Gray, 3-6-2019

Free Press: CBD regulation remains jumbled in the marijuana market nationwide, Kathleen Gray, 3-3-2019

Free Press: Gretchen Whitmer signs executive order to abolish Michigan marijuana licensing board, Kathleen Gray, 3-1-2019

Free Press: Officials order metro Detroit businesses to pull CBD-infused food, drinks off menus, 2-18-2019

MLive: Michigan’s biggest weed company plans to harvest 30,000 pounds a year - Amy Biolchini, 2-13-2019

Green Peak Industries -- which is now going by the brand name SkyMint -- has now started growing plants in the 50,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art headquarters building at Harvest Park, an industrial park for marijuana-related businesses.

MLive: Michigan expects $18.2M in taxes on medical marijuana this year - Amy Biolchini, 2-12-2019

MLive: Cuts to medical marijuana card fees proposed after state rakes in $7M extra cash - Amy Biolchini, 2-12-2019

CoNecTar: Pennsylvania Representative Wheatey introduces bill to legalize recreational marijuana - 2-13-2019

420 Intel: Canadian Cannabis Shortage Expected to Last Years - Carlie Green, 2-12-2019

News:@natsfert "Will the folks who profited off for-profit incarceration be the first to profit off legalization?Natalie Fertig, 2-13-2019

PR0HBTD: Chocolate and Cannabis Share Something Special - David Jenison, undated

Chicago Tribune: First bill emerges this year to legalize marijuana in Illinois — would allow up to 24 plants at home - Robert McCoppin and Dan Petrella, 2-8-2019 Meet the ex-drug cop who now helps regulate Michigan marijuana - Riley Beggin, 2-8-2019

WNDU TV: Sharp Foundation holds town hall with law enforcement on Michigan marijuana law - Ibrahim Samra, 2-7-2019

Weed News: Hemp and CBD Are Legal, Why Does Law Enforcement Continue The Money Grab? - Miguel, 2-3-2019

BridgeMi: Legal marijuana didn’t end black market elsewhere. What can Michigan learn? - Riley Beggin, 2-1-2019

Detroit Free Press: Oakland County to get its 'first licensed marijuana dispensary' - Bill Laitner, 2-1-2019 

Detroit News: State issues another medical marijuana recall, this one for chemicals, arsenic, cadmium - Beth LeBlanc, 2-1-2019

MLive: Marijuana businesses banned in more than 250 Michigan communities, Amy Biolchini, 1-31-2019

WXYZ: Hundreds of Michigan communities ban marijuana businesses - 1-31-2019

DETROIT (AP) — More than 250 Michigan communities have banned marijuana businesses just two months after the state became the first in the Midwest to legalize the drug for recreational use.

MLive: Marijuana’s growing presence in Ann Arbor offers a new city revenue stream, Ryan Stanton, 1-30-2019

Weed News: Baltimore State’s Attorney Will No Longer Prosecute Marijuana Possession Cases - Johnny Green, 1-30-2019 

MLive, ‘Gray market’ marijuana businesses sprout in Michigan, Amy Biolchini, 1-28-2019

Weed News: AG Nominee Reiterates Non-Interference Stance For State-Legal Cannabis - Johnny Green, 1-28-2019

Free Press: Ale Mary's serves Michigan's first cannabis-derived cocktail, Robert Allen, 1-25-2019

MLive, Cannabis advocates sue to remove marijuana from controlled substances list in Michigan, Amy Biolchini, 1-23-2019

BridgeMi: Whitmer administration changing tone around Michigan marijuana regulation - Ted Roelofs, 1-22-2019

MLive, Michigan marijuana businesses find ways to bank cash as industry launches, Amy Biolchini, 1-22-2019

MLive, Business offers free marijuana with book-bundle purchase, Amy Biolchini, 1-22-2019

Detroit Free Press: More than 60 closed Michigan medical marijuana dispensaries may reopen - Paul Egan, 1-16-2019

MLive, Michigan officials grapple with CBD oil regulation, Amy Biolchini, 1-16-2019

MLive, Free marijuana with art purchase expands to Ann Arbor, Amy Biolchini, 1-14-2019

Free Press: Cannabis food, drinks to be 2019's hottest dining trend, top chefs say, Trevor Hughes, 1-13-2019


MLive, Many medical marijuana patients drive while high, Amy Biolchini, 1-10-2019

MLive, Recreational weed may spark up Michigan’s medical marijuana industry, Amy Biolchini, 1-9-2019

Metro Times: These Michigan companies will 'gift' you marijuana until we get real pot stores - Lee DeVito, 1-3-2019

Detroit News: Gift of pot? Marijuana businesses work in Michigan law's gray area - Breana Noble, 1-2-2019

MLive: 80 Michigan communities are blocking recreational marijuana businesses, 1-2-2019

Detroit Free Press: Unlicensed medical marijuana shops face another deadline to shut down - Kathleen Gray, 12-31-2018

MLive, Michigan officials switch from ‘marihuana’ to ‘marijuana, Amy Biolchini, 12-24-2018

MLive: 500-plant marijuana grow operation coming to Ann Arbor research park, Ryan Stanton, 12-23-2018

MLive, ‘Sky’s the limit’ for hemp farming in Michigan, Amy Biolchini, 12-19-2018

MLive, Legalized marijuana has state’s largest grow facility hitting the gas, Amy Biolchini, 12-16-2018

Forbes: Cannabis Businesses In Michigan Gift Marijuana To Bypass Law, Mike Adams, 12-15-2018

MLive, New township regime cuts elected official pay, approves 87th marijuana license, Taylor DesOrmeau, 12-14-2018

News: ‘Buy some chocolate, get some weed,’ says new Ann Arbor business, Lauren Slagter, 12-13-2018

MLive, More marijuana businesses allowed as Jackson passes revised ordinance, Taylor DesOrmeau, 12-12-2018

MLive, Spring Arbor Township opts out of recreational marijuana businesses, Taylor DesOrmeau, 12-12-2018

The Detroit News: When is marijuana legal in Michigan? What to know about passage of Proposal 1 - Jonathan Oosting and Sarah Rahal, 11-7-2018

Detroit News: Michigan's new marijuana law brings confusion - Breana Noble and Sarah Rahal, 12-7-2018

ClickOnDetroit: Marijuana in Michigan: First day of legal recreational use - Jason Colthorp, Dane Sager Kelly, 12-6-2018

Michigan Radio: Recreational marijuana is legal today in Michigan. Here are 5 things to know before lighting up. - Emma Winowiecki, 12-6-2018

WWMT: FAQs about Michigan Marijuana: What to know now that recreational consumption is legal - 12-5-2018

BridgeMi: You can smoke pot in Michigan but not buy it. What you need to know - Riley Beggin, 12-4-2018

WSBT: Recreational marijuana will be legal in Michigan on Thursday - Brooke O’Daniel, 12-3-2018

Detroit Free Press: What you need to know about legalized marijuana in Michigan - Mike Thompson, 11-29-2018

MLive, 10 things to know about Jackson's new marijuana ordinance, Taylor DesOrmeau, 11-28-2018

WOOD TV'Green rush' hits Grand Rapids real estate market - Barton Deiters, 11-21-2018 Michigan approves recreational marijuana. What you need to know. - Chastity Pratt Dawser, Alexandra Schmidt, 11-6-2018

Free Press: 

USA Today: Coca-Cola: We're 'closely watching' the market for drinks infused with cannabis extract, Josh Hafner, 9-17-2018

MLive: An ounce of wisdom from Oregon as Michigan considers legalizing marijuana, Amy Biolchini, 10-22-2018

This report is a stunningly deep perspective on the liberation of Legalized Marijuana in Oregon.

Dozens of Tanya Moutzalias' photographs illustrate the depth and diversity of the islands of prosperity that have risen in the wake of Oregon legalization.  What's hard to overlook is the contrast to Michigan's broken asphalt and political entropy.

USA Today: What is CBD? And why is the cannabis-derived ingredient on the rise for wellness products? Carly Mallenbaum, 10-21-2018


Cannabiz Media: Are Local Marijuana License Fees Extortionate? - Susan Gunelius, 9-28-2018

NCIA: Member Blog: How Much Does it Actually Cost to Open a Dispensary? - Gary Cohen, 9-25-2018

MLive, To rein in medical marijuana business, Leoni township amends ordinance, Taylor DesOrmeau, 9-21-2018

USA Today: Molson Coors readying sales of marijuana-infused drinks available only in Canada, Trevor Hughes, 8-1-2018

USA Today: Pot smokers are setting aside their joints in favor of edibles, pills and extracts, Trevor Hughes, 7-24-2018 Cannabis, coworking, and the marijuana-industry land rush; Legal weed could be a $75 billion business by 2030 - Patrick Sisson, 7-24-2018

Weed News: Senator McConnell Secures Hemp Farming Act In Senate Farm Bill - Johnny Green, 6-9-201USA Today: Medical marijuana used pot's emotional connection to spread nationally, Trevor Hughes, 5-2-2018

USA Today: Marijuana industry poised for supercharged growth thanks to President Trump, Trevor Hughes, 4-20-2018

USA Today: Blue Moon's brewer launching marijuana-infused 'beer', Trevor Hughes, 3-28-2018

Fort Myers News-Press: Craft brewers tap into cannabis-infused beers, Annabelle Tometich, 3-27-2018

Weed News: Hemp for Victory: Bipartisan Hemp Bill Could Be a Game Changer - Anthony Johnson, 3-27-2018

Saginaw News: Chesaning marijuana land rush gets more acreage - Isis Simpson-Mersha, 3-21-2018

MLive, Will this be last Hash Bash before marijuana is legal in Michigan?, Ryan Stanton, 3-19-2018

Saginaw News: Marijuana land rush in Chesaning prompts hold on more facilities - Isis Simpson-Mersha, 2-22-2018

cannasafesolutions.comWhat Licenses Are Needed To Start A Dispensary in 2018? - 12-8-2017

Detroit Free Press: Marijuana industry high on prospect of Michigan's cannabis market - Kathleen Gray, 11-20-2017

MLive: Michigan announces new fees, transition rules for medical marijuana businesses - Julie Mack, 11-18-2017

WKSU: The Rush is on for Ohio's Marijuana Dispensary Licenses - Adrian Ma, 11-17-2017

Los Angeles Times: New rules with hefty fees set for growing and selling marijuana in California - Patrick McGreevy, 11-16-2017

Free Press: Is the best marijuana investment a beer stock?, Jeremy Bowman, 11-5-2017

 Detroit Free Press: Despite complaints, state sticks with pricey asset requirements for medical pot licenses - Kathleen Gray, 11-8-2017

Gallup: Record-High Support for Legalizing Marijuana Use in U.S., Justin McCarthy, 10-25-2017

 Detroit Free Press: Michigan officials prepare for influx of medical marijuana applications - Kathleen Gray, 10-15-2017

Oakland Press: New medical marijuana regulations produce high opportunities - Charles Crumm, 9-1-2017

The Capital Press: The marijuana farmer next door - Mateusz Perkowski, 8-3-2017

KPCC FM: Costa Mesa to charge $50,000 licensing fees for medical marijuana firms - Jill Replogle, 4-17-2017

Metro Times: How special interests are looking to cash in on Michigan’s homegrown medical marijuana industry - Violet Ikonomova, 4-12-2017 Ohio medical marijuana panel questions high license fees - Jackie Borchardt, 1-27-2017

Vice: The Making of the Most Potent Weed Oil on the Market, Daniel Oberhaus, 11-12-2016

KUSA-TV, Denver: Yes, cannabis-infused beer is a real thing you can drink, Victoria Sanchez, 10-1-2016

Lansing State Journal: With a puff of smoke, Lansing's Cannabis Church kicks off, RJ Wolcott, 6-27-2016

Salem Statesman Journal: U.S. Senate may ease banking for marijuana businesses, Gordon Friedman, 6-21-2016 

USA Today: Microsoft makes bold move into marijuana biz, Marco della Cava, 6-17-2016

The Indianapolis Star: Cannabis church founder sues, says he was defamed, Mark Alesia, 3-4-2016

The Indianapolis Star: Indiana's Church of Cannabis files religious liberty suit, Stephanie Wang, 7-8-2015

The Indianapolis Star: Testimony, not tokes, part of 1st cannabis church service, Mark Alesia, 7-1-2019

Cannabis Business Times: Your State-by-State Guide to Marijuana Application and Licensing Fees - Noelle Skodzinski, 1-12-2015

PR0HBTD: How Much Does it Cost to Open a Dispensary? - Michael Cheng, undated