Notes of the July 1 joint AAPS/WL School Board meeting are here.

PDFs of Whitmore Lake School Meeting Notices, etc. are here.




"As Whitmore Lake Public Schools teeters on the brink of plunging into debt, its officials and those from Ann Arbor Public Schools are now investigating the feasibility of Ann Arbor annexing the smaller district.  Their school boards convened in a joint meeting Monday, June 23, at Whitmore Lake High School—which was heavily attended by a crowd of about 100 parents and staff from Whitmore Lake."  - Amy BiolChini, MLive, June 24, 2014

The meeting with Whitmore Lake comes two days before the Ann Arbor school board will be voting to approve its budget for 2014-15 on Wednesday, June 25. - Amy Biolchini, MLive, June 18, 2014

"Annexation would make Ann Arbor schools the fourth-largest district in Michigan—and would give the district the opportunity to apply for a competitive grant from the state." - Amy Biolchini, MLive, June 29, 2014

"As schools across the state continue to struggle to make their revenues meet expenses, Ann Arbor Public Schools faces what could be a golden opportunity.  Whitmore Lake Schools has asked AAPS to consider annexing it. That would mean the district would take control of all of Whitmore Lake’s property and gather all of its students into its fold." -  MLive, July 6, 2014