Ann Arbor rejected the proposal to annex the Whitmore Lake School System by a 57% no vote.

In the Whitmore Lake school district, 2,732 voted yes; 1,058 voted no.

*NEW* Click here for MLive's map showing the vote in Ann Arbor's 74 precincts.

*NEW* Click here for eWashtenaw's breakdown of the voting by ward and precinct.

This has got to be rough on the kids.  Does anyone know how much additional funding the WLPS needs and what that amounts to in terms of a millage?  Considered on an individual taxpayer level, is this a one cup of Starbucks a day cost or one cup a week?

MLive's live coverage of County election results is here.  Much of the conversation is centered on the WLPS annexation issue.

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Washtenaw County election results in a google docs spreadsheet. (which they have fixed)

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