At First Call to the Public for the 4-10-2018 Special Meeting, Wayne Dockett addressed the Township Board as a private citizen.  Here is what he said: 

If you'd like to listen, this interlude is linked to in the 6:00 PM meeting LiveAgenda

Dockett: I'd like to say on Sunday I got a call from the lady who owns the video store in Whitmore Lake

Chockley: the what?  
Belliger: Excuse me, owns what?
Chockley: the video store
Dockett: on Barker
and I got a call from her son who lives on East Shore Drive.  They both asked me about they told me they had a boat motor stolen off their boat or their garage I'm not sure what and that they called the police department Northfield Township

Schwartz went out there and took the information and Mr. Schwartz told them that they should call the pawnshops.  Possibly they get all kinds of stuff stolen in the pawnshops  call the Pawnshops.

I've been through this for several years about this happening.  I have been at my location before they had the police department in Northfield Township.  I used to deal with the State Police and Washtenaw County.  And when they got their own Police Department, though I've been there for 46 years never had this Township police ever came to my store or any other police as far as that goes and picked up something that was stolen except if I turned in the paperwork to the police department and told them I have the stuff.

That's how it works.  I make the three part form I turn into the police department and when somebody gets something stolen I put it in the lien machine and it comes out if it's at my store they come and get it, they know I have it.  that's how they know.  They've never came there unless I told them what I had.

So anyway, I asked that, so she told me, well, Schwartz told her to call the pawnshop to find out if it's there.

So I talked to Wagner about it, who's very indignant, smart aleck about it.  I'm pretty ticked off about this.  I said did they, did your, So I called Wagner, he said, oh yeah, that's what we talked...

I said well, did you tell them to call all the resale shops? "No" Did you tell them to call the flea market?  "No"  Tell them to call the crack house?   "No"  I said well the crack house takes anything that I take.  And they don't do paperwork.  So, as a businessperson in Whitmore Lake, never had anything stolen in Whitmore Lake in my store that I didn't tell them I had, I just don't think it's fair for them to say "Call the Pawnshop...

Wagner said, well we find a lot of stuff in the pawnshop. well, you know, I don't know where he finds these things in the pawnshop.  But uh, anyway...

I want something done about this.  I'm making a complaint that I don't think it's fair.  I've never had anything stolen.  I don't think for them to say that about me.


Chockley: Thank you Mr Dockett.  What's your address?
Dockett: 9097 Main Street
Chockley: 9097 Main Street.
Dockett: That's correct.
Chockley: Thank you

Dockett:  Alright.  And I want something done about this.  Because, it's not fair.  As a matter of fact I could say, Well why don't you call the police department?  Now they... Some police do things wrong.  Some of them get charged with things.  I never have been.

So maybe you better start with your own police department.  And if they've got all this stuff in this ... these pawnshops, He's the cop!  Why don't he go pick it up?  Why don't he go and arrest them?  I don't know.  Maybe too lazy to arrest them?  I don't know what the problem is.