In this unusually boisterous session, plans to improve and update the 1839 one room Sutton Schoolhouse on Joy Road at Pontiac Trail were permitted to move forward.

Sutton Schoolhouse 20181027 South progress 1024w653h

Progress!  10/27/2018

Sutton Schoolhouse 20180612 Southeast 1024w625h

Southeast view, The cleanup has begun, 6-12-2018

Sutton Schoolhouse 20180612 Southwest closeup 1024w625h

Southwest view showing the classic stone foundation. 6-12-2018


The ZBA Chairperson neglected to turn on the wireless Public microphone.  I replaced the almost inaudible result with the sound picked up by boardmember microphones.  The result is much more intelligible, although the level of background hiss jumps around a bit.

5-21-2018 Northfield Township Zoning Board of Appeals meeting LiveAgenda - HD and CC

Here's the video:  You'll notice that LiveAgenda type links - to all items on the Agenda - are in the description under the Youtube video window.


Meeting documents

Sutton Schoolhouse, Zoning Administrator Report, 4-23-2018, McKenna.pdf 

Sutton Schoolhouse, Washtenaw County Sewage Permit, 1-12-2018.pdf

Sutton Schoolhouse, Architects Elevations and Renderings.pdf


Zoning Administrator Quarterly Report, Q1-2018 

5-21-2018 Northfield Township Zoning Board of Appeals Packet

Public Notice Sutton Schoolhouse - 05-21-2018