Headline:  The PC voted to recommend that the Township Board accept Cobalt's offer to pause the Community Survey contract and extend the contract end date by one year. 

The meeting packet contains Cobalt's letter offering the Township two options: 1> abandon the contract and accept a $3916.00 refund.  2> pause the contract but delay the end date of the contract by one year.

Cobalt is billing its work to date, in which work product they include the cost of attending this meeting, at $4,500.00.  Since $10,335.00 of the $16,832.00 contract total is reserved for mailing costs, $1997.00 remains available to redo the Survey. 

At tonight's meeting, Cobalt presented draft 6 of its community survey.   Cobalt Principal William St. Amour said that he had worked with a question set provided by former PC Chairperson Chockley.  At the October 21, 2015 meeting, Chockley had mentioned reaching out to various community groups about questions they wanted answered.  That revelation had at that time concerned Commissioner Dignan because at a preceding meeting the PC had approved his motion to table the survey indefinitely.

St. Amour listened to the PC's comments.  Although the latest version of the survey was not in the meeting packet, most of the five PC members present at tonight's meeting said they had received a copy in their email.   Dignan said the Draft survey had been emailed to everyone several weeks ago.  Commissioner Larry Roman said he had not received it.

Planner Sally Hodges shared her opinions on community survey response, involvement and citizen acceptance of survey results. 

Commissioner Iaquinto made the Motion to recommend to the Township Board that they accept Cobalt's offer to place the process and contract on hold for the proffered year.  After more discussion the PC approved Mr. Iaquinto's motion.