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00:10 Marta Larson: Introduction

Candidate Opening Statements
02:45 Janet Chick (R)
04:00 Dana Forrester (D)
04:58 David Gordon (D)
06:10 Christine Miles (D)
07:30 Nate Muchow (R)
08:36 Joshua Nelson (R)
09:40 Adam Olney (D)
10:50 Jacqueline Otto (R)

12:20 Larson: Question: What are the three most important duties for this office and why do you say this?
12:45 Adam Olney
14:00 Nate Muchow
15:06 Janet Chick
16:16 Joshua Nelson
17:25 Christine Miles
18:28 Dana Forrester
19:08 Jacki Otto
20:16 David Gordon

21:20 Larson: Question: What should be your role in monitoring and reviewing the performance of department heads?
21:35 Otto
22:44 Nelson
23:26 Chick
24:40 Olney
25:42 Muchow
26:29 Gordon
27:38 Miles
28:49 Forrester

29:50 Larson: Question: What should be your role in monitoring budgets, financial statements, and the line items within to ensure compliance with Township Board priorities?
30:05 Miles
30:30 Gordon
31:25 Muchow
32:22 Olney
33:50 Chick
34:50 Otto
36:08 Nelson
37:12 Forrester

38:02 Larson: Question: Is it relevant for you to be involved in state, county, and/or regional networking opportunities? Where might you be involved and with what organizations?
38:16 Forrester
39:22 Nelson
40:16 Otto
41:30 Olney
42:35 Chick
43:44 Miles
44:44 Gordon
45:52 Muchow

46:55 Larson: Question: How do you view the Township Manager's responsibilities and how would you expect the Manager to interact with you as a Township Board member?
47:04 Muchow
48:10 Otto
49:04 Forrester
49:52 Olney
51:05 Miles
52:12 Nelson
53:02 Gordon
54:23 Chick 

55:28 Larson: Question: What is your position on the need for development in the township and what type of development would you support?
55:40 Gordon
56:46 Chick
57:49 Nelson
58:40 Muchow
59:46 Forrester
01:01:50 Miles
01:01:52 Otto
01:03:04 Olney

01:04:18 Five minute break

01:09:35 Larson: Question: What do you think about the need to have a Township Police Department and specifically, what are your thoughts about the Northfield Township Police Department?
01:09:48 Muchow
01:10:38 Nelson
01:11:27 Otto
01:12:50 Olney
01:14:01 Forrester
01:15:10 Miles
01:16:04 Gordon
01:17:10 Chick

01:18:18 Larson: Question: What is your understanding of sources for getting grants, and the restrictions and requirements that come along with grant funding?
01:18:30 Chick
01:19:25 Gordon
01:20:34 Olney
01:21:52 Muchow: EGLE's huge recent grants for stormwater and wastewater handling were completely ignored, no attempt made to defray the cost of the equalization basin.
01:22:58 Forrester loves grants, got SPARC grant, applied for many covid related grants
01:24:00 Miles
01:24:56 Otto Lied, claiming that the need for an equalization basin was demonstrated by the $575,000, SAW funded Wastewater Treatment plant study - a study which TetraTech will not report before December 2020, at earliest
01:26:02 Nelson

01:27:02 Larson: Question: Do you feel the township should set up a fast track for new businesses coming into the community? And if so, what should be the components of the fast track?
01:27:16 Chick
01:28:20 Muchow
01:29:00 Otto
01:30:10 Miles
01:31:00 Olney
01:32:18 Gordon
01:33:28 Nelson
01:34:45 Forrester I can't say I had a lovely experience. 90 plastic surgeons recommend patients to Lovely Monkey. People from all over the state.

01:35:58 As an individual, what activity have you been involved in to the benefit of all the community?
01:36:08 Forrester. (boat show. trunk or treat. DDA. Trunkapalooza. 6 years publicity for CCS)
01:37:08 Otto
01:38:27 Muchow
01:39:30 Miles
01:40:42 Olney
01:41:54 Nelson
01:42:48 Gordon
01:43:55 Chick

01:45:08 Larson: Question: How should the township interact with other community agencies, such as the schools?
01:45:18 Gordon
01:46:05 Chick
01:46:44 Nelson
01:47:26 Muchow
01:48:30 Forrester
01:49:05 Miles
01:49:50 Otto
01:50:56 Olney

01:52:10 Closing statements
01:52:15 Otto
01:53:24 Olney "130% fund balance allows us to fund everything, infrastructure, retention basin, road repairs..."
01:54:36 Nelson
01:55:45 Muchow
01:56:48 Miles
01:57:48 Gordon
01:58:00 Forrester
01:59:50 Chick

02:00:03 Larson: Summation and Good Night