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Candidate Bio and Statement:  Tawn Beliger (Lemon James) Candidate for Trustee

Married for 26 years, a lover of life and liberty, enjoying nature and the outdoors, meeting and making new friends, and sharing in this wonderful and mysterious journey of life.
Early years as an artist and a tomboy, I enjoyed both the introspective creative artists realm and the very active and athletically inclined physical world. With one brother and one sister, I enjoying childhood as a Michigan resident, with the 5 of us living in a small ranch house in the Detroit suburbs. After a half year excursion to Arizona, an associates degree earned in Applied Sciences from Schoolcraft College followed my graduation from Wayne Memorial High. The art and power of music called and at the direction of my guitar instructor, I began a deep study of the masters of the electric guitar. In due time, this eventually lead to dynamic live performances with my power trio, and the subsequent writing and performing of original rock music under the stage name of Lemon James. 
The game of politics...
It all started in 08, when folks where tripping over themselves to support a presidential candidate that they knew nothing about… So I began my study..     leading me to become a Wayne County precinct delegate, and a member of the Wayne County Republican Committee. I have worked to aid in the campaigns of Senator Patrick Colbeck, Jeff Gorman, and Steve Boron. Attended State convention as both a delegate and more recently as an alternate delegate. I have been active in my support by attending senate committee hearings in Lansing on issues such as common core, and the road funding issues. 
Respecting the tax payer dollars, and protecting liberty, These are the concerns that bring me to run for trustee of this humble and beautiful Township of Northfield. I look forward to help preserve and yet improve this gift of a community.
Questions?  Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.